American history in Amsterdam walk tour.

The Netherlands played a considerable role in the early history of the USA.
This very special private walk will lead you along some related locations. To name just a few events, of which places still witness in Amsterdam : - It´s from Amsterdam the expedition of Henry Hudson left, that led him by the river that eventually was going to bear his name. Journey commissioned by the Amsterdam East India Company. - The decision to found Nieuw Amsterdam, the later New York City, was decided here, at the West India Company HQ. - John Adams, second president of the US, travelled to Amsterdam in 1780 in order to find recognition and funds for the new republic. Stayed for a couple of years in the Netherlands. His sons John and Charles studied in Amsterdam. - A group of religious puritans, in American history better known as the Pilgrims, had fled to Amsterdam in 1607. The church they frequented is English Reformed to this very day. Later, many of them left, first for the Dutch city of Leiden, later for America with the Mayflower. USA-Amsterdam The Netherlands felt very sympathetic towards the American revolution against common enemy England. They were the second nation to recognize the new born state, directly after France. Earlier, in 1776, the first salute in history to the American flag was by the guns of the Dutch fort on St. Eustatius. This outraged the English, and was one of the causes (or excuses) for the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War. Also, this Caribbean island was one of the main supply routes for weapons and ammunition for the American Revolution. The Dutch paid a high price. Britain declared war in 1780 and even before the Dutch governor knew about it, Saint Eustatius´ main port was completely destroyed by a large English fleet. The island´s economy never recovered.
Overall this last Anglo-Dutch War can be considered a final reckoning. The English now had undisputed hegemony over the seas, plunging the Netherlands into isolation, poverty, and a deep economical crisis that lasted till way into second half 19th century. As with all tours, this specific walk includes a global introduction to history and culture of the Netherlands. For the general outline and purpose of my private walks, please see main page History Walks.
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