Amsterdam walks for cruise ship passengers.

An Amsterdam stopover / layover when you're on a cruise is an excellent opportunity to discover the history and rich heritage of this city.
Since your time is limited, choosing for a guided walk in the old centre will prove a wise decision. No time lost with finding your way around. Instead, an efficient and high quality introduction to Amsterdam, and the Netherlands. A growing number of ocean-going cruise ships dock at Amsterdam for a short stay. And several long river cruise lines depart or end here, like on the Rhine from and to Germany or Switzerland. The Amsterdam cruise terminal is located in the direct vicinity of central train station, and consequently within walking distance of the old centre.
For your information : the cruise terminal is officially signposted Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, PTA. To discover the old city centre, an Amsterdam history and heritage walk of a couple of hours can therefore start and end at the cruise ship. Or end at the Maritime Museum, which you can visit on your own. The museum being only a short walk from the passenger terminal. Amsterdam cruise terminal PTA and Maritime Museum The Maritime Museum is housed in the former navy storehouse, built in 1656 in the same style and period as the Royal Palace on Dam Square. It's the largest 17th century warehouse in existence. Part of the Maritime Museum is the East Indiaman tall ship 'Amsterdam'. Fully furnished, it gives a unique impression what these vessels looked like. How large and sturdy, and at the same time how small, considering hundreds of people lived here for months on end. USA-Amsterdam As with all tours, this specific walk includes a global introduction to history and culture of the Netherlands. For the general outline and purpose of my private walks, please see main page History Walks. More pictures of Amsterdam on page Amsterdam Photo. flyer history walks day trips to top of pageto top of page
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