Amsterdam history and heritage walk.

Amsterdam once ruled over what you could rightly call the first global economic empire in history.
So, obviously that still reflects on the city today. The layout of the canals, lined with fine private houses and public buildings, the overwhelming quantity and quality of art and other artifacts accumulated in this city makes it quite unique. In fact, there's so much here that making a choice can be a problem. Especially when your time is limited to a few days. Then, a private, personalized guided tour will certainly make a tremendous difference. Helping you to go beyond those obvious highlights. A great starter of your visit, that will probably give the rest of your stay a whole new dimension. See comments of guests in Feedback. amsterdam During our walk of a couple of hours, a broad picture of the history of Amsterdam and Holland over the last 1000 years will be painted. Focused on what you see around you. In the same time, as always with my tours, stories of people who witnessed history. More pictures of Amsterdam on page Amsterdam Photo. Amsterdam An Amsterdam tour can very well be combined with a visit to the countryside, to make your introduction to history and heritage of the Netherlands complete. Classic Holland scenery, and small fortified towns. The most practical way to move around in the countryside is on a bicycle, but a walk is also possible. counstryside For your information : the fastest way to travel from Schiphol Airport to the centre of Amsterdam is by train. Takes about 20 minutes. Around 10 trains per hour. flyer history walks day trips to top of pageto top of page
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