Country mansion in Holland

Windmills and country mansions tour.

Relaxed cycling in the Amsterdam countryside, with focus on windmills and 17th century country estates. Private guided bike tour for your family or party only. Four people max.
Depending on itinerary also medieval castles and windmill visit possible.
All day tours, but global duration and cycling distance flexible.
No city cycling. Bike tour starts directly in the countryside. tulip and country mansions bike tour image
Along the winding rivers and country canals a few medieval castles, but above all plenty of stately houses. 17th and 18th century country mansions where the rich of Amsterdam spend the summer season, away from the stinking city canals. tulip and country mansions bike tour image
The iconic Dutch windmills come in different types. Once they were more than 10.000. Nowadays about a good one thousand are still turning their wings.
Only a small part was used for grinding wheat. More than one third were water pumps, essential to keep dry feet in this country. And the rest, the majority, were industrial mills. Used for whatever purpose you need an engine for. tulip and country mansions bike tour image There are many different routes and cycling distances (starting from 25 km). Because of logistics one party of 4 guests max.
Please get in touch to check possibilities.
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