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  • When does hiring a private guide really makes sense ? You're interested in discovering Dutch history, culture and heritage in some more depth, and are willing to take your time over it. I certainly will, a hurry would really be a waste of time. Of course, with a guided tour, you don't have to worry about logistics, and finding your way around. Everything is arranged and at the ready for you.
    Efficient visiting.
  • What makes your tours different ? As you can see elsewhere on this website, my main occupation is history research. I don't do tours as an everyday routine. And the terrain is broad, both on content and even geographically (Amsterdam and other cities, countryside). Interests of guests vary as well.
    Reasons why my tours are always different, and indeed unique. Also, as while studying I constantly come across "new stuff", it reflects on my tours. An example. It happened several times that people who had enjoyed an Amsterdam history walk returned after a couple of years. They were surprised and delighted, they told me, that the second time had been very different.
    Same Amsterdam, but many other locations, other focus with other stories. Although note that every tour gives a general outline of Dutch backgrounds. So that guests, old and new alike, can place it all in a comprehensible context.
  • Aren't your tours too specialised ? In-depth and high quality does not have to mean difficult. It is your tour. On your pace. Your interest sets the level. With a private tour there's plenty of time to explain, and to answer any questions.
  • Truly personalized ? Absolutely, and fully flexible too. I love feedback, people having a specific focus, or places or subjects they have some knowledge about and want to hear more. For me, every tour is a matter of choices. There's simply so much around here that even in a full day I can only show or recount a minuscule fraction of it. And flexible, because changing route according to what I hear from you while walking or cycling is no problem at all.
  • But a private guide is expensive. At first sight perhaps. Normally, my tours are for 4 people maximum. And I'm at your disposal for a full day - for a fixed full day rate. Sometimes, with enthusiastic people, a tour can be 10 hours in the long days of summer. As long as guests enjoy, no problem for me! A private tour can even save you money, especially if it's at the beginning of your stay. Talking over your plans, giving tips and suggestions will highly improve the quality of your visit, and make it more efficient as well.
It is my conviction, and experience, that with knowing more of the background and context, you can really appreciate what's around you during your visit. For that aim, a private guide will make a world of difference. Of course, purely practical, a local person knows the little roads and streets, and those spots, unmentioned in the travel guides. More scenic cycling. Completely different walking. And I know the local people. Know when to go where. Those things can make the difference between just a nice visit and an unforgettable experience. And isn't that what you're here for? Finally, you'll feel more a guest and less a tourist. And that's just a fact. Simply put, it was a wonderful experience that combined cycling, history and nature in exploration of the Amsterdam countryside. It was the highlight of my trip.
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