Duration of a tour: a full day, sometimes more...

A day out can be a cycling tour, a walk, or a combination of both.
Can also be on different locations, with a short train ride in between. Plenty of possibilities to choose from, all depending on your interests.
As for all bike tours we'll get out of the city, a full day allows for a relaxed visit.
I can assure you we'll need that time to discover the countryside in all its beauty and variety, to see places, to hear the stories.
Now, don't worry: that doesn't mean at all a full day of hard cycling labour. Having a full day ahead of us primarely means we can take it easy. With plenty of breaks and stops most people are surprised to find out the distance they covered. Just by taking it easy.
Another advantage of a full day is that, if for example you would like to see a working windmill, I can see during the day what the wind does and adapt the route in order to have more chances of seeing the real thing.
Also note that a full day is flexible in duration, of course. Can be 10 to 4, or longer. It simply means that I'm at your disposal for the entire day. Your day.
For an idea of what you can come across on a bike trip, see pictures pages.

A suggestion : you could choose to go for a short history walk in the city first, followed by a countryside bike tour of a couple of hours.

Another suggestion : if you decide on all-walking instead of cycling, we could visit two towns. For example Amsterdam and Haarlem, or Amsterdam and Leiden. The second option with a focus on Rembrandt for example. Rembrandt a native of Leiden, young painter in that city; fame and wealth later, in Amsterdam.

Multi-day bike tours.
The basic idea of these highly personalised tours is to allow for optimal flexibility regarding route, pace and cycling distance. Global itinerary worked out by mutual agreement, taking interests and time frame into account. The same with places to stay for the night : options are presented in advance with their price tag. You choose, and are fully in control of the costs.
Also during the tour different longer or shorter itineraries remain possible for each day. Even, in most cases, an unforeseen resting day with little or no cycling at all. If you would wish so.
See this review of a five-day bike tour (click here).


Practical points if you decide on a bike tour

Keep in mind that in Holland adults rarely wear bike helmets for normal relaxed cycling, which is what we're up to on a guided bike tour. Only racers and small children do. Most bicycle rentals, and certainly on the countryside, don't have helmets available.
Important : if you have very little cycling experience, or if you feel uncertain on a bike for whatever reason, please don't embark on a bike tour. Discovering while walking is great as well, of course. Even on different locations - we can make use of public transportation in between.
Good to know : at all times a cycling trip, or for that matter any tour, is completely at your own risk.
See also : activity and booking conditions ; the small print (PDF).

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