Thematic bicycle day trips : suggestions.

If you're going for a bike trip with a specific focus, plenty of possibilities for your preparation available on the internet. May be this website will help as well. If you want to dig a bit deeper, a guided bike trip is an option.
With any tour I make in the region, and whatever the route, you'll get a full outline of the history and development of these Low Countries by the sea. So that you can put what you see in a comprehensible context. Cause in this country, many things are not what they seem to be at first sight.
As all trips are tailor-made, the further content will depend on your interests. There are no standard routes, but below a few suggestions. Just click on the images an you'll see plenty more pictures, to get an idea.
bike tour images Natural and Human beauty : the various natural landscapes in the region, made by sea and rivers, and ice ages. With mankind's growing influence, since prehistoric times. Romans and Vikings, they all passed through. A thousand years ago, reclamation of the low land started in earnest.
bike tour images Man-made Land : When pioneers started to bring the wilderness under cultivation, it had unexpected and disastrous consequences. Since then, man has to keep a fragile balance in order to survive. The beginning of a never-ending story.
bike tour images War & Peace Tour : from medieval castle to WWII bunkers, preparations for war are all over in these parts.
bike tour images Windmills Tour : cycling by different types of windmills. Story and working of these mighty machines.
bike tour images Mills & Mansions : along stately country estates and windmills.
An exclusive full day tour for a party of up to four guests.
  • For your information, there's an historical overview of the region changes during the past millennia on a number of pages in the resources-section, and that history starts right here.
  • More angles for day trips and routes :
    - all sorts of parks and gardens (historic, flower, fruit&vegetable, organic, ...),
    - photography, with suggestions for best spots for various subjects,
    - now and then, compare old pictures with present situation,
    - listening to historical music on appropriate locations,
    - and much more. Ideas or suggestions are always welcome !
  • Please feel free to check availabilities and tailor-made possibilities : contact.
During a day trip you most certainly will acquire new knowledge, and usually new and more questions will pop up. May be your thematic interest will shift, while cycling. That's OK and no problem at all. Because changing a route, and leading you to exactly the most appropriate spots is perfectly possible.
One of the advantages of a private guided day trip. As a guest wrote : "With little notice, Edmond accommodated my schedule and created a customized trip based on my interests, the weather conditions for the day and available local activities (which in my case involved an operational windmill that was in use that day because of high winds and recent rains).
In that respect, Edmond was like a private chef creating dinner from scratch using the best seasonal ingredients.
"  Fred Pritzker - Saint Paul / Minnesota, USA click on the text in red for the full review this guest kindly wrote. More reviews on bicycle day trips in Feedback. flyer bicycle trips to top of pageto top of page
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