Discover the Netherlands with a private car tour.

(Please note that I normally only do car tours as part of an educational or research project, or in combination with a walk or bike tour on a different day) As much as I love and prefer walking or cycling for guided tours, a car sometimes can be more practical.
Like for relatively remote towns and areas. Or when the distances of the desired itinerary are simply too long, or too complicated for public transport within a reasonable time. Below two examples, related to a typical Dutch item : water management.
The Zuiderzee and Delta Works. Complex and massive projects, protecting against flooding. Declared by the American Society of Civil Engineers one of the "Seven Wonders of the Modern World". Of course, as we're talking private tours, anything is possible.
Please feel free to check if what you have in mind can be a day trip : contact. A full day tour around the old Zuiderzee.
Driving on the bottom of the sea through the wide open land of the new polders.
Friesland, lakes and an ancient rural area.
The impressive Afsluitdijk, closing off the former sea. Connecting Friesland with northern Holland, and it's old port towns and fishing villages. tours by car north More suggestions of places to visit NORTH of Amsterdam. A full day tour to visit the Deltaworks in the south, with focus on the eternal struggle against the sea. Related locations are abundant in that area.
Like the 1953 Flood Disaster Museum, housed in a couple of the giant caissons used to close the breached dikes. tours by car south More suggestions of places to visit SOUTH of Amsterdam. Important remark on tours by car.
Inviting you for a ride in my private car (max 3-4 passengers) can be an option, but it is NOT some form of taxi service. It is only possible for a full day guided tour, and as a courtesy.
Also, if your cycling or walking possibilities are limited, my car could be a part of the solution. But NOT for visiting the centre of Amsterdam or other major towns. Extremely unpractical, also because of parking problems. Our old towns simply are not designed for cars.
For tours with more than 4 people, I'll have to rent a larger car or van. For your information : review of car tour. (pdf-download) to top of pageto top of page
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