For business, it never hurts to ...

Surprise your Dutch business partners !
Somebody from abroad, interested in Dutch history and culture, and knowing much more than the usual clichés about the country !
Now THAT really is something the Dutch generally are not expecting at all.
But you can be sure it will be appreciated !

A city walk or a bike trip, with focus on backgrounds for business, is a unique way to meet the Netherlands.
To learn more about the intriguing history of this country. And business etiquette.
For a better understanding of the people you work and do business with.
By no means essential for business, but it surely helps. And it's just plain fun as well!


If your company is based in the Netherlands, a bike trip or city walk may be a rewarding activity for you, and your foreign business guests.
Highly appreciated as an informative and relaxed way to meet the country, its history and culture.
And plenty of time during this common activity to get to know your relations better.

For your staff and employees, consider a bicycle trip of a couple of hours as an excellent active personnel outing. A package with lunch or dinner can be arranged for groups up to 12 people. It is my conviction that cycling with larger groups is not really a good idea.

For an overview of all possibilities click here.
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