Educational programs in Holland

Educational programs in the Netherlands.

If you're considering a trip to Holland with your group or class, substantially more in-depth knowledge of aspects of Dutch history and heritage can be acquired with a tailored programme of several days. Many subjects are suitable and logistically usable within the framework of a program. See the history and resources section on this website.
For example dealing with water management, from traditional windmill and dikes to present-day water defence systems. Including plans for the future, as the worldwide sea level rise is unlikely to stop. In all cases, a general introduction to Dutch history will be indicated for a comprehensible context.
Being a graduate of Amsterdam School of the Arts, cultural aspects will certainly receive attention as well.
Always, the balance of all ingredients being a matter of mutual agreement. Compact hand-outs, dealing with general backgrounds, and on other subjects tailored to the content you choose, can be available for your preparation. The program can be a combination of a presentation, a walk (in an historical city centre), bicycle trip (in the countryside), or bus tour (all over this small country). The use of public transportation is an option as well, depending on what works best in a specific situation. Practical organisation of your program and stay in Holland can be worked out with you.
Please do get in touch to check ideas and possibilities.
Eductional programs in Amsterdam and the Netherlands

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