dikes and water in Holland

What if ....

xx If the perfect storm comes.
We think we're save behind our water barriers. The calculated risk of the dikes collapsing is once in a 10.000 years, the engineers say.
But that could be tomorrow ... If the ods turn against us.
This is what a perfect storm could look like.
Part 2 of New Amsterdam - New York Tour Flood disaster consequences.
And if our water defences fail, this is what would happen.
Clip shows prognosis of number of victims and halucinating damage. Time counting after it all started.
A week after it started, the dry estimate reads 2.290.000 victims (with at least 10.000 killed), material damage 121 billion Euros. Recovery will take years. We'll have to start with our country all over again.
These animations come with Dutch commentary, but the fascinating images speak rather for themselves.
Video clips from the series The Netherlands from above.

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