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insurance company commercial Winter game.
Insurance company "Centraal Beheer" had a very successful series of commercials over the years.
They all ended with "Even Apeldoorn bellen" - "Oops, time to call Apeldoorn" (the company's HQ located in this city).
xx Picnic.
Commercial "Centraal Beheer".
xx Scotland.
Commercial "Centraal Beheer".
xx Wasp.
Commercial "Centraal Beheer".
xx Museum.
1995 commercial, "Centraal Beheer". Starring US president Clinton.

Link to an overview of commercials
for this company.
xx North Corea.
Another insurance company with a successful series of commercials : "Delta Lloyd".
xx Booming car.
Commercial "Delta Lloyd".
This is a commercial for a disabiblity insurance.
xx Figure-skater.
Commercial insurance company "Delta Lloyd".
xx Zero tolerance.
Commercial insurance company "Delta Lloyd".
Police man versus soccer hooligans.
xx Shark.
Commercial from th 90s for the Yellow Pages.

xx Rabobank Cooperative bank.
Major Dutch bank profiling itself as having other background and morals than the other commercial banks. Series with fictional typical Dutch character Jochem de Bruin advocating it's time for a different bank.
Commercial from before the bank crisis.
xx Holland vs. Germany.
Eternal football - soccer competition between Germany and Holland always provides for loads of commercials.
This the Germans striking back, but the commercial battle is passionately fought from both sides.
xx Landing the Austrian soccer team.
It's not always Germany - Holland only. You can bet that when a serious competitor comes over the horizon, they get a TV commercial salute.
In this case it's the Austrians being welcomed by Heineken.

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