Dutch landscape

The Netherlands from above.

Fascination bird's eye footage of high quality.
A whole series of themes developed by the Dutch TV station VPRO.
Here a couple of samples. There's much, much, more on the internet, if you want, but these few ones will make it easy for you to find.
Holland aerial view video Noord-Holland.
The province of North Holland. Seaside and dunes. Industry and old towns. Amsterdam.
Holland aerial view video Flevoland.
The newest Dutch province : Flevoland. Reclaimed from the Southern Sea during the 20th century.
Large stretches of farmland, urban developments, and water.
Holland aerial view video Man-made country.
Urban landscapes, crowds, dikes. Even nature is largely manipulated by man.
Music : John Lennon - Isolation.
Holland aerial view videoe However, a green land.
A surprisingly green land indeed. Despite the density of the population, despite massive industrial and transportation infrastructure.
A result of long-term careful planning. Although the last couple of decades the pressure of urban land hunger is extreme.
An overview of the series on the VPRO TV website (in Dutch).

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