antique bicycles

Music on the bicycle.

video of bicycle showband Bicycle Showband Crescendo.
Acrobats on the bike, these Dutch. Performing all over the world.
This is serious business !

Website showband :
video of village bicycle band Village bicycle brass band.
They started just for fun, in this small Flemish village. And named it unpretentiously "Fietsfanfare De Zwaluw" (swallow or martin, a bird).

Loads of photos of the band on Facebook.
video of fun bicycle orchestra The Bikeharmonic Orchestra.
As you can presume from the ironical name, this is all about fun and joking.
"Brabants Fietsharmonisch Orkest". Brabant being a province in the south of the Netherlands, in some respects pretty different from the north.
Website :
video of Dutch army bicycle band Dutch army bicycle band.
Nowadays, there are no more Dutch bicycle combat regiments. But in 1939, on the eve of the second world war, the Dutch bicycle infantry numbered 5600.
video of Swiss army bicycle infantry Swiss Light Bicycle Infantry.
The Swiss army however still values the bicycle. As you can see in this clip : Swiss Light Bicycle Infantry for Mountain Warfare.

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