medieval castle near amsterdam

Muiden castle history in images.

Muiden castle 1285 and today After Holland had conquered the mouth of the river, count Floris V built the first stone castle here. Not as a residence, but as a demonstration of force.
A few years later he was murdered not far from the castle, and Utrecht retook the land and the river. Immediately destroying the Holland stronghold.
During the 14th century Holland came back to stay, and the castle as we know it was rebuilt on the old foundations. On the 400 year long struggle between Holland and Utrecht for control over this territory see :
How the bishop butchered his goose with the golden eggs.
Muiden castle - a strategic location. Map op town, river and castle - around 1650 Muiden castle in winter - 1658 An interesting painting, this 17th century winter landscape.
Some landscape components are represented with plenty of artistic freedom. But the castle itself is pretty accurate.
For allowing to skate they must have had a severe winter. The sea was right here, behind the trees. Salt water, or at least brackish, and tidal influence. 1672 fortifications and inundations Prussian invasion 1787

The castle today.

aerial photo of the river estuary and the castle Muiden castle and inundation locks Muiden castle gardens in winter and summer evening stillnes at the castle lush green meadows around Muiden castle There are a few video clips featuring the castle on the countryside video-page. And here's a direct link to the website of castle Muiderslot. Muiden castle to top of pageto top of page
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