What to visit in the Netherlands ?

Always the same while on vacation abroad : so many things you want to see and do, and so little time.
Two basic options : rushing around with a very loaded program or going for the slower in-depth approach.
If you looked around on this site, it will be clear that it advocates the slower in-depth approach. Being picky and taking your time. And do consider the immense advantages of flexibility for this country with its unpredictable climate.

So, make a list of places you absolutely want to see with your own eyes. And if possible, try to avoid the most obvious and most advertised places.
After all, and for example, basically a windmill is a windmill. More than 1000 of those left in the country, but somehow most tourists tend to rush to the same few windmills.
And for these inescapable highlights, try to go in the early or late hours.
Check opening hours, some museums are also open in the evening on some days.
To avoid lines at the box office, consider buying a ticket online. And for places like the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, it's wise to make a reservation weeks in advance.

If you plan to spend a couple of days in Amsterdam, enjoy that, but don't limit yourself to this city only. Because Amsterdam does not equal Holland at all.
It's in the smaller towns like Leiden, Haarlem or Utrecht, and in the country you'll experience a more classic and relaxed Holland. Like in the countryside full of history that is presented on this website. With its fortified towns in a varied landscape. A different world only 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam.
Especially at the beginning of your stay an introduction to Dutch history and culture can be rewarding. It's also a unique opportunity to check your visit plans with an experienced local, and to get loads of practical tips. See the What-pages.

Fortified Naarden
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