Travel preparations for day trips in Holland

OK, you decided to visit Holland, the Netherlands. Good.
With a focus on culture and history ? Even better. Plenty of that around here !
Perhaps even too much ... You will need to make choices.

  • what to visit,
  • how to visit, and move around,
  • when to visit, and do consider the advantages of flexibility.

With the buttons on the left, under "Tips", you can go to the various points of consideration on travel preparations. Here, a few general remarks.

just 15 minutes from Amsterdam central station

Whatever you do, start your thinking with a map of the country.
You'll notice that towns are not far apart, distances are short. Especially in the densely populated western part, also the most visited region.
For example, when staying in Amsterdam, you can easily reach most places you probably would want to visit within an hour by train.
So, choose a central town and stay there for a couple of days. This way, you'll lose less time carrying your luggage around, more relaxing.
Visit your "hometown" on foot or with public transport, and other towns by train.
For the surrounding countryside and its quiet small towns, consider the great advantages of riding a bicycle. At most train stations you'll find a bike rental.

On the links-pages of this website plenty of useful entries to prepare your visit.
While in the resources section you'll find background information on the Netherlands.
If you would like to explore Dutch history and culture with a presentation, a private guided tour or other activity, here's an overview of the possibilities.

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