An autumn bicycle ride, east of Amsterdam.

In the fall we often have long periods of quiet dry weather with mild temperatures.
September and October, and sometimes even deep into November can still be just great for bicycle day trips.

drawbridge over the river Vecht

Last Saturday, early November, it was one of these lovely days.
In the afternoon, I cycled out of Weesp over the old river Vecht bridge. Followed the winding stream along the windmills for a couple of kilometers.

winding river and windmills

Then east through a stretch of low grasslands. A polder along national park Naardermeer.
Almost no wind today. But when planning a bike trip in Holland, take the wind direction into account. Nice to have backwind on these open plains.polder

It's still good grazing here for thousands of wild geese. There's plenty of birdlife year round anyway, like that colony of cormorants that settled nearby.geese

After the polder, you enter the woods. In full autumn colours now. With millions of mushrooms covering the forest floor.
In the woods as well, plenty of bicycle paths. Always great fun to cycle here.cycling in the woods

Back in the lowlands. Peatland, with many ponds and lakes.
Like in the woods, there's already a different, muffled sound in nature. You can sense winter is coming, even though today I could take off my coat after a few miles. peat lakes

Rolling into Weesp, a nice sunset for dessert.
There's a short video clip on YouTube, with a couple of shots of this bike trip.
See cycling video page. windmills at sunset

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