An overview of pages on this website dealing with Dutch history, heritage, traditions, or simply atmosphere. Yes indeed, also some items I did not now where else to put, but wanted to share anyway.
  • Water Boards :
    For over 700 years, these specialized organizations have been omnipotent in water management matters.
  • Good Old Days 1 and Good Old Days 2 :
    on plagues, pests, life expectancy, child labour.
  • River Vecht :
    For over two thousand years, a main fluvial north / south connection. Plenty of history on its shores.
  • Muiden Castle :
    Medieval castle just outside Amsterdam. In the small port of Muiden, where the river Vecht flows into the former Zuyderzee.
  • The bicycle :
    Why riding a bicycle became so popular in the Netherlands.
  • Sinterklaas :
    First one of the December festivities, and extremely popular. If in search for an ancestor of Santa Claus, this is a chief suspect.
  • Queen's Day / King's Day :
    The most national of Dutch holidays. As Queen's Day till 2013 on the 30th of April, the streets of the Netherlands turn orange. With the coronation of king Willem-Alexander, the date changed to April 27.
  • Musical surprise :
    Out of the blue, I tiny little boat sailed into the canal. On it a man started to make music.
  • Tower climbing :
    A unique opportunity to climb and visit a medieval church tower.
  • 1945 bombs :
    Continuing story of World War II souvenirs. In this case in the river.
  • Sint Maarten - Saint Martin's Day :
    In the evening of November 11, children with their little lanterns, singing from door to door.
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