THE "GOLDEN" DUTCH 17TH CENTURY The 17th century is considered the Dutch Golden Age. But calling it the Golden Age of Holland is in fact more appropriate. For the rest of the Netherlands, most of this century consisted for a large part of continual war damage, decline and poverty. And also in Holland, the majority of the people were of course not at all that prosperous.
But all is relative. Compared to the rest of Europe, Holland was indeed a dynamic place full of promises. At least, you could always find a job. Be it on the seas, with the navy or commercial sailing to exotic places. Both being risky business, with an extreme high mortality, by the way.
And Amsterdam was a booming and exciting city. Where one could make a fortune, they said, with some good luck. As even kitchen maids could afford to buy shares in a business, and make money. In any case, a small minority did effectively become opulently rich, and did show it with fancy city mansions lining the brand new canals.
Attracting the best artists and craftsmen, scientists and intellectuals of all kinds. The entire world came together in Amsterdam. History of Holland - 17th century militia painting Militia celebrating the 1648 peace signing, victoriously concluding the Eighty Years' War of independence, by Bartholomeus van der Helst. Click on image to view this painting on the website of the Rijksmuseum, where it is on display.
The feeling of confidence and achievement is evident here. Amsterdam at the peak of glory. Compare with earlier militia portrayals of the previous century. Changing styles reflecting the spirit of the age. A few other pages on this website, related to the Dutch 17th century :
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