A collection of links on bicycles and cycling. Links to sites that are (partly) in English, unless mentioned otherwise. For a bit of Dutch bicycle history see page " Why the bike became popular in the Netherlands ".
  • Holland cycling and infrastructure
  • Bicycle parts : handy, a multilingual bicycle's vocabulary.
  • : the Fietsersbond is the Dutch Cyclist's Union that campaigns for better cycling conditions in the Netherlands. (in Dutch)
  • BicycleDutch : all about cycling in the Netherlands. With loads of videos.
  • : "Friends on the Bike / Vrienden op de Fiets", thousands of addresses in Holland and Belgium providing very affordable Bed and Breakfast for cyclists and hikers only.
  • : bicycling in Holland: What's the Big Deal? (practical information and traffic rules)
  • : bicycle infrastructure, history and statistics. Loads of background information on the Dutch situation, also compared to other countries.
  • More cycling in Holland in these video clips.
  • Cycling in Holland Bike rental and short trips in and around Amsterdam
  • : bike rental in Amsterdam. Bike-tours in Amsterdam itself and countryside to the north of city (Waterland).
  • : bike rental and guided tours in Amsterdam.
  • : rental and bicycle tours in Amsterdam.
  • Information on bike rental and starting points for countryside bicycle day trips around Amsterdam.
  • Bicycle routes in Holland
  • : cycle routes throughout the Netherlands.
  • Routeplanner Fietsersbond : route planner Dutch Cyclist's Union.
  • : detailed maps in webshop ANWB, Royal Dutch Touring Club ( Also real shops in many towns. (Dutch)
  • And there is of course Google maps. In the cycling mode not bad at all as a route planner.
  • Bicycle vacations in Holland
  • HAT-tours : cycling Holidays & Barge Cruises.
  • NAUPAR : sailing, and also boat-bike tours.
  • : Bike & Boat Holidays in the Netherlands and other countries.
  • : Bike & Barge tours in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.
  • : Bicycle and Walking Tours in the Netherlands and other countries.
  • GuideHolland : for the private tailor-made tours I have on offer.
  • A very different way of travelling north : (Island Hopper).
    This small company operates ferry services with traditional sailing ships like the one below. Between Amsterdam, northern ports and Frisian Islands (or Wadden). You can take your bike with you.
    Nice way to travel !
  • Cycling in Holland
  • International Cycling
  • : European Cyclists' Federation.
  • : world wide bike tours, guided and self-guided.
  • : worldwide cycling and walking tours.
  • : worldwide cycling information, with focus on Australia.

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