Leiden history walk
A Leiden and Amsterdam walk review. We thoroughly enjoyed Edmond's guided tours of Amsterdam and Leiden.
Edmond made history come alive. He is informative, fun, and has so many stories and anecdotes that you will be constantly enjoying your walk. Edmond also will take you to areas that are of special interest to you. We particularly liked our Leiden tour. Leiden is much more relaxing than Amsterdam. Leiden also allows you to leisurely explore historical sites that is not always possible to do in Amsterdam. In Leiden we visited various sites that helped us appreciate our Pilgrim heritage.
We also walked into the hidden gardens of former housing for single women or workers, now used by students. These houses have an inner courtyard that places you in a quiet, garden area far removed from the city. We liked walking into the courtyards of these communities which are less available to tourists in Amsterdam but are open to tourists in Leiden. We would strongly recommend Edmond and GuideHolland and encourage you to consider a tour of Leiden. We think that Edmond will please you and make your visit to the Netherlands special. bike tour in Holland - review Leiden and Pilgrims history walk More reviews : click on image above. Click here to download this review in PDF. to top of pageto top of page
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