bike tour in the Netherlands
Review - A multi-day bike tour in Holland. The basic idea of these highly personalised tours is to allow for optimal flexibility regarding route, pace and cycling distance. Global itinerary worked out by mutual agreement, taking interests and time frame into account. The same with places to stay for the night : options are presented in advance with their price tag. The guests choose, and are fully in control of the costs.
Also during the tour different longer or shorter itineraries remain possible for each day. Even, in most cases, an unforeseen resting day with little or no cycling at all. If the guests would wish so. Below a review by Becca Marcus from Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.
Holland bike tour views An Amazing and Wonderful Week with Edmond. My husband and I took a bike tour with Edmond around Weesp ( a beautiful town outside of Amsterdam) a few years ago. We were staying in Amsterdam at the time. Edmond offered to meet us in Amsterdam but we decided instead to take a twenty minute train trip and met up with him in Weesp. It was a most wonderful tour, and we remember it most fondly.
We have stayed in touch with Edmond since then and think often about the beautiful bike trails he took us on and the interesting tour he gave us - bringing us to many different places selected to fit our personal interests. We have been lucky enough to travel around much of the world. This year we decided that we wanted to take a longer bike trip (something we have not done before) and immediately thought of Edmond. Holland is an ideal place to bike as it is not hilly. We asked Edmond if he would be willing to go with us for four or five nights going to different charming towns in Holland. Edmond planned a most wonderful itinerary for us and even scouted out which bike trails would be most picturesque to take. He had alternative routes for each day depending on our energy levels. We could not have had a more wonderful tour. Edmond planned a varied itinerary - we rode through forests, medieval towns, by windmills of course and also lakes and canals, took a ferry over the Rhine River, went by many farms and historic estates, a castle, magnificent gardens, many of these in one day. We brought our clothes with us in packs Edmond provided for the bikes and stayed in wonderful inns in the evenings. Holland bike tour views Being Americans we were surprised and impressed by how many bike lanes there are throughout the Netherlands. Many times we rode through the woods where we would come to a spot where several bike trails would converge in different directions. Somehow miraculously Edmond always knew which trail to take leading us through picturesque and traffic free bike trails to end up at a beautiful medieval town. It seemed almost magic to us how Edmond knew which bike route to use and how to navigate through so many varied terrains - always ending up at our destination. I believe it would be near impossible for someone who is not familiar with the area to find their way. He also took photos throughout our tour, and shared them with us after our tour. We continue to look through these memories with a smile of how special this time was for us. That is mostly due to Edmond's great planning and extensive knowledge. We are not competitive bikers and wanted a leisurely pace. On our tour we rode about 25-30 miles a day and took time for snacks, taking in the scenery, having a picnic lunch, etc. I would highly recommend Edmond as a guide for an extended bike tour. Edmond takes time to know his customers or friends (as he treats them as such) and plan an itinerary to fit their interests and needs. He could not have been more hospitable. He is extremely knowledgeable and able to share information about just about anything you may want to know about. We learned a lot from him and found the trip exceeded our dreams in every way. This is very different from a bike tour with a company where one is with a group of folks one does not know and a set itinerary despite possibly not wanting to be locked into a time table or number of nights. We ourselves prefer a more leisurely pace to take in all of the scenery but Edmond can accommodate whatever you prefer. Also, Edmond's rates are less than the tours we are familiar with and well worth the price. We had a most memorable trip with Edmond and would highly recommend him to anyone considering a day trip or a multi day bike tour. He can do it all ! more Netherlands tour reviews More reviews : click on images above. Click here to download this review in PDF. to top of pageto top of page
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